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Aus Lotto

Aus Lotto is a free and one of the most featured app for Tatts Lotto game in Australia. I hope it helps you win more frequently when you play Tatts lotto. It’s designed for scanning any tatt’s Lotto tickets to check your winning numbers. Also you can scan any QRCode ( for example: Web site, vCard, Coupons, Tel, SMS, etc) . There are many more features on this app which are listed below.

List of features:

  1. Recent Results
  2. Next Draw date and draw amount for games.
  3. Lotto Analysis module based on well proven algorithm used by many lotto analyst.
  4. Scan Barcode to check your Result.
  5. QRCode scan for vCard, Web, Tel, SMS, facetime etc..
  6. Nearest Store Location to buy Game or withdraw your winnings + Easy Navigation from your current location. ( Displays distance in Kilo Meter and guides you through the map).
  7. Social Media sharing over Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Email.

Aus Lotto is based on the advanced statistical theories of well known lottery data analyst, which provides statistical analysis with predictive technology: designed to detect subtle “patterns in chaos” to detect winning patterns and weighted influences in prior lottery draws, and then advises you, based on the best winning strategy.

So far Aus Lotto’ stands as one and the only Lotto’ Data analysis app for Australia which is based on real life data analysis of major Games like Saturday Lotto’, Powerball, Super 66, Pool, Mon Wed Lotto

To download please follow the link below:

Tatts lotto ticket scanning app
Tatts lotto data analysis and ticket scanning app

More details available at: http://auslotto.com.au

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