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NEPSE is the first most featured stock quote app and portfolio management tool that tracks your investment account and provides details of your profit or loss.
Once you set up your profile all you need to do is check for your profit and loss. Take your decision to buy or sell stock depending on market situation.

Features of NEPSE:

  1. Provides`Live data feed for Stock Trading Portfolio management.
  2. Live data for Today’s Trade, Market Losers, Market Gainers and More..
  3. Online News Papers feeds. To keep you up to date with market situation
  4. Radio: NEPSE Supports Radio, FM and AM. You can listen to NEWS and Music, while you are reading news or tracking your stock market.
  5. Check Time for Sunrise and Sunset.
  6. Account settings allows multiple portfolio management using single device. You can login to back up and restore your portfolio.

To download please follow the link below:

Stock Portfolio management app

Stock portfolio app for Nepal stock exchange

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