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Opal Card

Watch this video for details on how to login and check balance, navigate to store location:

About Opal Card App
Opal Card app in an utility app that helps in Opal card balance tracking. By using Opal Card app you can find nearest store location to top up your card.

Main Feature:

  • Track multiple accounts and multiple card balance
  • Displays most recent journey transactions
  • Find store locations close to you; get direction to store, to top-up your card
  • Today extension provides information for default card.
  • Notification provides news, announcement and other updates from us.

Note: Free version of this app provides all the features with advertisement. You can easily remove advertisement by registering app in settings section.

For any suggestion or comment, please contact us at: opal@logicx.com.au

To download please follow the link below:

Click to download Opal Card app

To view opal card disclaimer chick here

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